MAGAZINES FOR THE AR15, M16, COLT, 9MM AR15, M1A, M14, MINI 14, H&K 91, H&K 93, H&K 94, MP5 AND AK47 RIFLES


Question: Why do we sell many items in quantities greater than one?
Answer: There are only so many hours in a day so time becomes a huge factor. To be able to get orders out in a timely fashion I only sell certain items in larger quantities.
Question: Do we sell Firearms?
Answer: No. We are not set up to sell or transfer firearms at this time.
Question: Do we take back orders or special orders?
Answer: No. Sales are limited to stock on hand.
Question: What are our returns and refund policy?
Answer: All sales are final.  If there is a warranty issue a buyer must contact the original manufacturer. 

Question: Why do we need your personal Information and how is it used?
Answer: We use your personal information to process your credit card when that is your payment method and we use it for shipping your order.  We do not sell your information or pass it on to others. Credit Card information is not saved for future orders.