MAGAZINES FOR THE AR15, M16, COLT, 9MM AR15, M1A, M14, MINI 14, H&K 91, H&K 93, H&K 94, MP5 AND AK47 RIFLES


When I first started I sold ammunition and occasionally a few other gun related items (Ammo and More). As time went by I started carrying Hi-Capacity rifle magazines. By the time that the post election buying rush finally started to slow I was selling mostly Hi-Cap magazines. As we continue through the year I will continue to reassess items that we carry based on availability and buyer response. Stock items normally include Hi-Cap magazines and or drums for the AR15/M16, M1A/M14, MINI 14, H&K 91, H&K 93, H&K 94, and AK47 Rifles. Occasionally we carry other magazines for firearms such as Glock, Galil, GSG-5, 10/22 Ruger, Barrett 50 BMG, Steyr Aug and more.  Thank you for taking the time to look arround and see some of the products we have to offer.